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Hitch Bike Racks

Hitch Bike Racks
Hitch bike racks utilize the hitch receiver on your SUV, car, or truck to provide a secure and stable mount for your bikes. Whether you take frequent short trips to the local trail or are planning a cross-country road trip, a hitch bike rack is popular choice for its easy installation and easy use. Able to accommodate up to five bikes, the manageable height of our hitch bike racks makes lifting and securing bikes safe and easy.
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Original 4 Bike Hitch
$192.00 $119.00

Access Dura
$309.99 $278.99

Hitch bike racks come in a wide array of sizes and styles. There are budget friendly hitch racks with limited options, while a more premium hitch rack tends to offer more of the user-friendly features cyclists look for in a hitch-mounted bike rack. A more budget friendly rack will still have the stability and easy installation associated with a hitch rack while also providing the same ease of loading and unloading of your bikes. Many mid-range to high-end premium hitch racks feature options that increase security and stability while parked and in transit to your cycling destination. More popular hitch bike rack features include anti-sway cradles that ensure bike don’t bump and rub against each other or your vehicle, while locking hitches and integrated cable locks keep your equipment securely attached until you decide to remove it. Most hitch bike racks tilt away from the vehicle to allow access to the rear cargo area, while some of the high-end hitch-mounted bike racks completely swing away from the car or SUV, giving you full, unobstructed access to the rear of your vehicle.