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Spring has sprung!!!!!  Well not exactly here in the Midwest where it is a cold mixture of rain and snow - but that doesn't stop us from preparing for getting back on the trail.  Here's what new in racks:

America's favorite trunk mounted bike racks just got better!  The Saris Bones 2 and Saris Bones 3 trunk mounted bicycle carriers have been updated to include rotating anti-sway cages to keep bikes safe and separated and new low profile cradles to get your bikes on and off the rack easily.

The new and improved Yakima DoubleDown Ace 2, DoubleDown Ace 4, and DoubleDown Ace 5 are becoming the "industry standard in terms of functionality and performance.  For the money, these bike racks are hard to be....including the bottle opener.  I'm not kidding.

In tray style hitch mounts, the Yakima HoldUp carries your bikes in style with zero frame contact and special features that reduce bike to bike interference. 

We buy racks, we test racks, we sell racks, we use racks. Here are some of our favorites:

Trying to organize your garage, well look no further.  The Bike Valet by Thule will keep your garage neat and your bikes safe.  Because the rack looks just like the one at school, even your kids know what to do....well, hopefully.

How cool looking are the Thule Raceway 2, Raceway 3 and Raceway Platform.  With sleek lines and the modern Thule black and silver color scheme, these Thule trunk bike racks are packed.  And yes, you can carry bikes tray style without a hitch.  "Without a hitch", get it?

Who puts a bike rack on a Lamborghini?  Kuat, that's who.  Check them out.  I know.  Kuat hitch bike racks are expensive.  But they do rock.  Seriously light weight, seriously cool, rich colors and seriously designed, what would look better behind your ride.  Weighing in at $209.50 per bike, the Kuat NV Core is the light "heavyweight" champion of the world.

If your family is like ours, you have a garage full of bikes. Road bikes, mountain bikes, kid’s bikes – our six kids seem to have one of everything. Fall means one thing – bike storage.

GO VERTICAL: Hanging your bike from a vertical storage rack saves space and keeps it securely out of harm’s way. The footprint on vertical racks is small, especially those that swivel. You can fit a surprising number of bikes in a small area, and these racks are easy to install and load.

GO UP: Hanging your bike from the ceiling seems hard, but it’s not. Installation is easier than you think, and with no floor footprint, ceiling racks are the ultimate space saver. This solution is perfect for the homes where nice road bikes mix with muddy mountain bikes.

DO SOMETHING: Even simple floor bike stands and bike hooks can keep bicycles from falling all over each other and keep them secure during the winter months ahead.

Every summer, millions of Americans load up their vehicles with the bikes and head out to outdoor rail trails, the speedway, the raceway, and other biking trails to experience the outdoors. Read More